Have you ever thought of writing a book?

Perhaps you have already written your book and it's sitting in a filing cabinet?

Do you experience a slight jealous twinge every time you hear of someone else releasing their book?

What if you could spend six days and walk away with your manuscript ready to publish and have all of the inside secretes of the publishing worlds and guidance to get your book published?

Join Sharyn Abbott who has 10 books published and has helped hundreds of people just like you get their books out into the world. Sharyn has even appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show!

“Sharyn is personable and has a good sense of humor, but more importantly she’s very bottom-line and outcome oriented. She’s knowledgeable and resourceful, and she will help you achieve your goals.
Her writing and book publishing strategies are very helpful.” 
Tom Rohrer
Service Category: Business Consultant
Year first hired: 1995 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Here's a portion of what you will learn in your five day workshop ...

  • How to write the majority of your book in the time we're together
  • Create your website/blog that will help you sell your books before it is even published
  • How to get radio show producers to book you over and over again
  • How to get your book published without any hassles
  • Learn to become a sought after platform speaker 
  • How to get others to sell your books for you
  • How to generate a database of 10,000 plus within a year and generate up to $10,000 a month
  • More than 20 step-by-step specific marketing programs that will catapult you into a 6-figure income

What you'll learn . . . 

  • How to create "hooks" for your book for Talk Show hosts that will make you virtually irresistible to every media outlet and make coverage for yourself a virtual certainty.
  • How to sell thousands of books on radio shows without spending a dime on advertising.
  • How to create promotional materials that will have the media chasing after you for your expert opinion every time a story in your area occurs.
  • How to quickly and easily create an automated process to capture leads and sales and to up-sell and cross-sell these people with a minimum of effort.
  • How to make any book you write or publish an Amazon best-seller with a system that will not get you banned from radio interviews.
If you'd like to learn the secrets of getting your book published or how to turn your book into a money making machine, this course is for you. 

You'll get more out of this seminar than any event you've ever attended. 

This program is not offered at any price anywhere else in the publishing industry. 

“Where do I start? Sharyn has been my coach and mentor through this process. Her endless patience with me while showing me the ropes deserves a Nobel prize. Sharyn’s knowledge of book writing and marketing is off the charts and downright frightening sometimes. What a blessing she has been. Thank you!”
Susan Kopitz

Who is Eligible to Attend . . .

      • Experts
      • Entrepreneurs
      • Authors
      • You!
Why YOU should Attend

If you've ever thought it was possible to become an author, earning a 6 figure income, you don't want to miss this event!

You'll spend 5 days writing your book, setting up your website, learning all the details of how you will become a best selling author and be able to generate as much as $100,000/year from your book. 

We even have trained author coaches available to work with you after the program for 8 weeks after the programs, just to make sure you'll become successful and develop the best habits!

You will receive 18 Pre Press and 22 Marketing Video Lessons to work through while you're at the event and to use over and over again. It includes screen shots, video training and every detail you will need to succeed as an author!

Doris Mangrum

Join us in Dubai and walk away with the majority of your book written and your marketing plan completely laid out. You will feel like you are an accomplished author in just one week!

Don't miss out!
Join us September 2nd - 7th
9 am - 5 pm
We'll only be working with 50 authors, so be sure to contact us right away!
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You are just a few steps away from becoming the author you've always wanted to be, generating more than a 6 figure income!

Bonus Material includes:

 Blogify Your Business Now - 52 Video Lessons
$1,300 Value
 Your Right to Write - 12 CD Set
$1,000 Value
 SpeakEasy Today - 12 CD Set
$1,000 Value
 Street Smart Sales - 12 CD Set
$1,000 Value
 Kindle Conversion
$1,200 Value
 1 Year Book Your Guests - 1,500 Radio Stations
$1,500 Value
 Book Marketing Team Training
$3,000 Value
 Joint Venture Training Program
$2,000 Value
 Teleseminar Training Program
$2,000 Value
 Book Sponsorship Training
$2,000 Value
 Back of the Room Sales Material Production
$1,000 Value
 Pre Press Preparation - 18 Video Lessons
$4,000 Value
 22 Marketing Programs - 22 Video Lessons
$6,000 Value
 Total Bonus Materials
$27,000 Value

Special Rate for Total Program

Only $4,997.00

Join us in Dubai and become an author!!!
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